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The PostNuke Network Operations Center - Grand Opening

Contributed by on Jan 31, 2003 - 04:44 PM

This site will serve as the collaborative hub for core devs and 3rd party module developers. Allowing developers to share ideas, track interesting projects, and join other interesting PN development teams.

Also, 3rd party developers will have access to the newest development documentation and will have the ability to share ideas or gather input from users through the feature request tracker or surveys

All 3rd party module developers interested in hosting their project on pnNOC can register at to get there own project page with the same tools you can find on the pnProject page.

Nevertheless please do consider that if your intended project is better categorized as a hack to the code, then add it to the “Code Snippets” area instead.

Our hope is the by providing tools to foster collaboration that this will provide at atmosphere where merging of ideas will be embraced. And by merging multiple projects on the same centralized platform it will allow for "cross idea germination". It will also provide a centralized place for users to easily track projects they are interested in supporting, it provide valuable exposure to the module developers, and provides an easy overview for new developers who want to get involved or

join a project.

So go on over and take a look around and get familiar because this is where you can help the core devs and module developers by submitting bugs, submitting feature requests, and tracking your favorite module developments, submit patches and much, much more.

Overview of tools and services:

1. Main Site:

:::: Required tools list

::: List of help resources

::: Contribute

- project page

- cvs repository

- developer board

- open discussion

- bug tracker

- patch submissions

- feature request submissions

::: Become Part of the pnNOC

- register your pnProject here

Project Main Page

- general info about the project

- latest file releases

- latest news

- overview of public areas and news


public and development forums


- Bug Tracking System

- Tech Support Tracking System

- Patch Tracking System

- Feature Request Tracking System

- Development Bug Tracker

Task List

- Development tasklist to allow the internal tracking of tasks from

the core and task group development

- Public tasklist, so that interrsted can see how we progress and which

task or features where implanted


- Public and Development Documentation


- Public and Development Surveys


Lastest News & News Archive


- Lasted Files released and File History

Code Snippets

- the ability to create a library of code snippets for reference and for module developer usage

The Postnuke – NOC its the begining of a new era in collaboration and development, which takes down all barriers and constraints, existing in the past and presents us a new and wonderful solid foundation for the creation of the New PostNuke Universe.

We hope you will become a bright star or constellation at it and that it helps us grow and collaborate. Together we will build the next generation of web tools. And see all our ideals and aspirations that brought us together here in the first place, come to life.

We wish to express our thanks to all those that have helped in making this dream become a reality:

MagicX, Tanis, Lcabrera, CyberSilver, Vworld, infopro, Neo and many others testing and providing input. We hope to see your name here soon.

See you there.


Your Postnuke Development Team