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---*-Some Clarifications-*---

Contributed by on Feb 03, 2003 - 03:59 PM

1.- TachionNET simply donated server resources in order to create this new service due to the need to solve the lack of available resources at PN main server, as simple as that.

2.- TachionNET has not direct link to the PN project itself other than this donation, the only ones with a voice in the matter are the community itself and the core devs.

3.- The TM symbol was first used by the project manager when an attempt to use the postnuke name at a fork of PN was made.

The use of the TM has been discussed on this site before and it follows the current US TradeMark guidelines.

Who owns the TM? well all the community does. PostNuke is not any one man's effort its the result of a collective work and as such no one in particular owns it, the community does.

PostNuke is GPL and will always be GPL, no one can change that, not now, not ever.

Nevertheless this community can not afford confusions regarding the name, thus the use of the TM.

4.- The famous pro link was a part of the gforge setup as you can see at the gforge site itself.

5.- The NOC is actually still in development, its final form is yet to be unveiled, and of course it will include an acknowledgment page with all tools used to make it work.

6.- The NOC project was one borne at previous meetings of the PN dev team where an analysis of the current situation regarding the failure of the bugtracker to perform its job, and the need to centralize and streamline the development arose.

In that meeting many approaches where brought into the discussion table and gforge was a nice candidate thus we followed through with that idea.

The NOC was mainly thought to help the core dev team to manage successfully the ever increasing demands in services and tools to perform or deliver the many services the development community requires.

After the initial trial runs it was evident that the NOC could also help the many thus this side effect was a nice one, and in the spirit of collaboration and sharing, the noc allows others to use this resource for the betterment of the community itself.

Since these resources can be just addons to existing PN projects that benefit from the many tools the NOC provides *freely*.

7.- I do not see the need to express exacerbated feelings pointing fingers at members of this community, just for the fun of it, as I said before the GPL nature of PostNuke is permanent, there are no efforts to change that, not now, not ever.

Pointing at people,and implying otherwise is defamation of good people's names, which are despicable acts in my book, we all serve for the greater good, there are no back door policies or hidden agendas, and most certainly there is no need to attack valuable members of the community which devote their lifes to make this project grow and prosper.

In conclusion the NOC site is a huge effort, a concerted one, that can potentially bring forth to the community stability and efficiency. Its creation was build on top of the best of intentions and huge pressing needs.

Its use from any of us is purely optional, no one is forced to use it or visit it as I said this is mainly a resource for core development.

I hope we can all find a common ground and stop fighting ghosts of the past, living a hunted existence where we have the freedom to evolve and the ability to build are diminushed by the constant portraying of malignant plots and ill intentions, these actions do not serve any purpose at all, we all need to understand this is free software, built using open source models and based on volunteer work.

Why attack those that volunteer to build the tools you use? or those that donate resources? It really makes no sense at all to me, instead I would have hoped that we all encouraged and motivate even more those that work tirelessly to make this grow and flourish, but that is just me.

Finally, some stats that portray the reaction of the community thus far to the NOC:

In only 4 days of operation:

Site Views : 48,697

Downloads : 156

Developers : 85

Projects : 19

Best Regards