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i18n (Internationalization) of Postnuke - Connecting the Dots with Collaboration

Contributed by on Feb 09, 2003 - 06:48 PM

There are some issues remaining, however. Aside from the more <a href=""target=blank">general i18n and localization issues, the matter of how to convert between encodings, for example. One needs to do this with those sites that use more than one encoding, those that are <a href=""target=blank">importing rss feeds of an encoding different from the site, and those that need to <a href=""target=blank">send email in encodings different from that of the site.
This matter has been approached by Japanese developers, but often the code <a href=""target=blank">being proposed is specific to portal software other than Postnuke (Xoops, or Movabletype for blogs) and/or specific to Japanese encoding issues.
And comments are often in Japanese.

So the challenge facing all developers who are interested in solving the encoding conversion issue: how to access these specific and difficult to a access ideas. Likewise, the developers that have put forth those ideas will hopefully find ways to make the code ideas more universal, and their comments more accessible.

The i18n development will proceed. However, it is critical that all developers interested in these issues exchange ideas and consider each other's specific needs during the process.

<a href=""target=blank">Tony Laszlo, Tokyo