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RFC: First PostNuke Electronic Questionnaire Survey

Contributed by on Feb 18, 2003 - 07:48 PM

The results of the questionnaires are not for me, they are for the entire PostNuke community and the rest of the world.

The first one, the Webmaster part, is almost done. The questionaire is split into several pages where each page represents a topic and each topic is devided into

  • experiences,

  • ratings,

  • needs,

  • suggestions

Topics are:

  • Site Characteristics

  • Installation

  • Look, Feel & Usability

  • Administration

  • Customization

  • Software Quality

  • Scalability

  • Maintability

  • Features

  • Security

  • Performance

  • Extensibility

  • Marketing

  • PN Development Process

  • PN Problem Reporting and Tracking

  • PN User/customer relationship

  • PN Information Flow and Distribution

  • PN Development Speed

Total number of questions is around 50.

Now, my request to you, the community: What do you think about a PostNuke questionnaire survey? What would you like to see in a questionnaire? Have i missed something?

I will publish a first testable version at the end of the week on

(not yet active) after considering all your comments and activate it on sunday.

Results will be published one week later. An extract of the table data will be provided, too. That's my current plan which may be subject to change depending on your reactions.

The qestionaires are made with a slightly modified version of phpESP. With the questionaire and result data set i will also release a first basic PostNuke integration of phpESP (called pnESP) next week, too!

So, now it's up to you. Let me know what you are thinking.