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PHP Nuke rewrite + Close Source Code

Contributed by on Mar 26, 2003 - 07:36 AM

2) Being the source code closed, it should have a lot (I mean: A LOT) of customization options. I know that many of you touch the code to add or remove stuff, so, with the new code you should be able to modify as much as possible. You could be able to add new php files with your own functions and there will be a manual for all needed variables to do this.

3) Modules, blocks and themes developer will not have any problem at all. All of you, developers, can write your own modules/blocks/themes for it in a similar, but powerful, method as it's now.

4) There will be a Corporative version, with costs money for one site license basis. This version will differ from the free version in the fact that you'll not have the copyright/credits text at the bottom, no "PHP-Nuke" word on the whole code. Not a single reference to it, your customers/visitors will never know what code you're using, and with this corporative version you can develop and sell "commercialy signed" modules. This means that your encoded module will work only with the corp. version, and this last feature will open many doors to commercialy exploit your programmer skills, unfortunately you should have a Zend Encoder license for this.

5) Rewriting the code will give the chance to have a totaly new, secured and stable code and will open doors to have PHP-Nuke running in corporative environments.

6) The incomes will be used for more and more future versions full of new an cool features... better than ever.

7) The distribution method will remain the same: Alphas, Betas and RCs exclusive for Club members and the final version distributed 15 days before it goes public for free.

8) No forks

9) Since the encoded code needs to use Zend Optimizer, the code will run faster.

Of course, not all is pink... there are some contras:

1) Forget the bugs with fixes submissions in news and forums, just bugs reports (with my promise that I'll address all of them)

2) No core modifications allowed (but a highly customizable system instead)

3) The required use of Zend Optimizer (anyway it's free)

I think that this is 9 vs 3... I want that now, knowing this, all of you think about it, evaluate the pros and contras, and give me an objetive feedback.

For me, this step, can represent a unique opportunity to mature this project and pass it to the next level. Always giving it for free, have this in mind. And for one second try to put yourself into my shoes.

Have a nice day and be happy... "

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