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PostNuke: Technical Difficulties

Contributed by on Apr 22, 2003 - 03:45 AM

I don’t have all the details regarding the technical issues but I understand the server wasn’t waking up from reboots so Harry's "buddy" (the tech guy) had to physically go the data center to manually “reboot” the server. And as of earlier today the site came back online and as we learn more about the issues we'll keep you informed.

Email From Harry:

> I know about it. My buddy in LA contacted me and let me know that the server

> isn't waking up from reboots, so he needs to head down there. Hopefully it's

> nothing too major and he can reboot it when heading to the datacenter.


> I'll let you guys know. Mail is hosted off a separate box, so you should get

> this.


> Harry