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Want a Multilingual Site? Get the Encodings Right

Contributed by on Jun 03, 2003 - 04:36 PM

One must figure out how to convert properly when sending email from the site, and when importing headlines from an rss feed, for example. Proper use of encoding is essential when generating language-specific rss feeds, as well.

Japanese developers working mostly with xoops and movable type have come up with a nice solution that works even on sites that are multilingually-challenged (the php is not set to handle mb).

wi777 has made much progress in his own way, of late. Those of you using phpBB2 for postnuke will appreciate his efforts, especially, I think. His most recent note is in Chinese, but I think you will be able to understand most of it. Code is universal, right? :) You can see where he was going a few months back by looking at his earlier English comments in the same thread. For those of you who have answers to his remaining questions, or questions to ask of him or others, the thread is open to you, in the language of your choice.

Best to be quick though; before he moves on to something else.