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Logging you in. hang tight!

Contributed by on Jun 05, 2003 - 05:14 PM

Over the last few months, there have been lots of rumors about the future of PostNuke, and also the failings of PostNuke as it is today.

We at Team PostNuke think that on this occasion of hitting 10,000 members, that we should point this out to the world, let you all know that PostNuke is alive and doing great, the numbers speak for themselves.

If you wanted to have a peek at our <a href=""target="blank">pnForums Stats page, you'd be surprised to find the numbers speak quite clear as to the success of the forums, and our support structure we have in place. You could also, if interested enough, have a look at our <a href=""target="blank">pnForums Memberlist on those forums, to see in more detail, how many people actually even had to post. Many hundreds have not. Are they lurking? Maybe. Did they find what they needed while they were here, went back to their own sites with the information they were seeking and continued to work on their sites? We would like to think so.

There are many other Content Management Systems out there, good ones, one's that are new and up and coming, others that have been around for many years and have spawned forks from them going in new directions, as is the history of PostNuke. But our numbers continue to grow by leaps and bounds. This says something, this says that PostNuke is "the" choice of users worldwide.

Many of you that have been around a long time, know that there have been slow times and fast times alike around the world of PostNuke, this is the way of open source I believe. Just when you think everythings going great, something gets in the way to slow things down. We have had a few of these kinds of set backs in past months. One thing is sure though, as people come and go, there remains one constant thru it all, that is, the PostNuke project itself.

This project has brought people together from all points of this small world we all live in, many new friendships have been born, some have been lost, but the idea that the project itself should live on has always been there at one point in time for all of us.

In eight months over 10,000 people have logged in for the first time on those forums to see what PostNuke was all about, many more new "pnUsers" do each day.

There are some CMS projects out there that have no forums at all, either they don't have the time to be bothered with their users, wanting to help them succeed and use the software, or, they just don't have the support infrastructure that we do here at PostNuke. This is just one of the many great things about this software, that is the support you get with it.

PostNuke is not a finished product, but you'd really find that hard to believe by looking at how many use it worldwide in many, many different countries and languages. We are all here because we like the software, we like the tools that have been created by the wonderful teams of the past, present, and future developers of PostNuke. I for one, want to thank them all for their contributions.

In the coming weeks as has been promised, PostNuke .726 will hit the streets running. This will be our last release until .80 which has not yet been announced as to when it will be ready, but I can assure you all that it is being developed by some great developers, and you may have even visited the test site by now, which is running on the new code. The improvements are great, the new tools being developed right now for that .80 release promise to be exciting for us all. You can expect to be supported when it gets here.

PostNuke is alive and doing great, the software is constantly being developed, and there's room for you to get involved. We are always looking for new pnUsers that have an interest in working with the team.

Our forums shine above the rest of those other Content Management Systems because of the pnCommunity and the way we support each other on a daily basis. Yes, there have been times when there's been bad press posted, nay sayers if you will, that have spoken up to say they are unhappy with how things are going, well, we're sure sorry that some feel this way. Look around, we're trying, we are succeeding, PostNuke is still growing, it's growing every day.

As always, you'll find the support you seek on these forums if you are a new user. If your a seasoned veteran, come join us, get involved and help out on the pnForums, help someone else get going with their very own PostNuke site. Together we will take PostNuke places it's never gone before. The interaction of developers with users here on these forums IMHO, is second to none. We take pride in the support we give those that come to ask for help.

As with everything else branded with the name PostNuke around here, the forums are constantly being reworked to provide a better place to come to and get help fast. Changes will be made there as often as necessary to insure this continues. If you'd like to get involved, and you know your way around the PostNuke software well, we invite you to pitch in, if you don't have time to drop by the forums every day, maybe you have the time to put together tutorials of things you know about. The Tutorials and Solutions area is a great place to publish your work, and it will surely help others coming in behind you, new to all of this.

We want to thank all that have helped out these past 8 months on our new pnForums to make them the success that they are, and we invite you all to look forward to the future of PostNuke.

Still growing, ever changing, filled with drama and ups and downs, this is PostNuke.

Welcome to PostNuke we're glad to have you with us.

Logging you in, hang tight! :)