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Remembering Greg Allan aka adam_baum: PostNuke Co-Founder and Core Developer. One year Later...

Contributed by Thank you for the ar on Jun 18, 2003 - 04:34 AM

For me, a simple user of PostNuke software, the day of his funeral changed my life.

Greg's death also changed the lives of his many -- both online and offline -- best friends; the lives of his family; as well as the entire PostNuke Development team and ultimately the direction of the PostNuke Content Management System as we know it today . . .

All Official PostNuke development stopped for one week. While the world was following the world cup of soccer being played in Japan and Korea, PostNukers the world over felt as if we had just lost a good friend . . .

We all grieved in our own way.

Vanessa, PostNuke's current Project Manager, created a theme to remember her friend Greg. Quite appropriately, she named it Memories.

30,000 new users have registered and joined since Greg died and you may be one of them....

Many of you never knew the name adam_baum until now. Perhaps you take PostNuke for granted. For you, the following weblinks may bring pause and reflection:

Greg's Homepage

PostNuke Mourns Loss of Lead Developer (The Official PostNuke Statement about Greg's passing).

Candelight memorial for adam_baum aka Greg Allan

Funeral for Greg Allan aka Adam_Baum

Funeral for Greg Allan aka Adam_Baum (News Article by Florinel).

Photos by Florinel, Taken on the day of Greg's Funeral

Greg Allan : March 6, 1973 - June 16, 2002 | Adam_Baum : PostNuke .50 - .714




Greg's Gallery


Lives Lived - Gregory Robert Wayne Allan

I spent this past day trying to keep busy, not quite knowing how best to remember Greg nor what to say to his family on this, the first anniversary of his death.

If anyone has memories of adam_baum aka Greg Allan that they just never got around to sharing with their fellow PostNukers... why not post a comment here?

I know his family still visits periodically and perhaps your words may give them further insight into a part of The Online Greg they hardly knew.

The Greg Allan we all knew as adam_baum.

~ HiMY! ~

Toronto, Ontario.


In memory of the late Greg Allan a.ka. Adam_Baum PostNuke Sweden closed down yesterday, and will be closed with only a honory page showing untill the 20th

I hope you will take a minute, and read the original statement from last year and also read the reflections HïMY wrote during these tragic days


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