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Calling on All PN Developers & Designers!

Contributed by on Jun 23, 2003 - 07:39 AM

In an effort to start the conversations I have created a project on the PostNuke's NOC called Module Developers Connection ( where you can check in and ask questions and issues regarding the upcoming features etc.

We are also updating the modules registry ( so please take a moment to make sure we have all the correct information about your modules on the list.

Finally, I'm proposing a live weekly IRC meeting where we you can meet with core pndevs to get specific questions or issues addressed. The idea would be to have it at different times each week so if you can't make it one week becaue of time zone, work issues etc then you might be able to make it another week when it is more convenient. These IRC meetings would be logged and available as a resource to other devs too.

Again, thanks for your continued support of PostNuke and in our goals in making this project a valuable asset to everyone using it.