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Summer 2003 CPL website contest with PostNuke

Contributed by on Jul 09, 2003 - 04:40 PM

I have every intention of testing out the new version, and will review what I had to change in the modules, to allow the theme to appear as I wished. I found hard coded colors in modules like Members List, and I (personally) think, that there should be separate CSS entries for all core modules, that can be set separately from the theme. But maybe thats a non issue with the new version.

Using PN .7.2.3, with added modules like PostWrap, and Xuser, really helped due to being a Intranet site, that will have INTERNET access, but maybe not all users will be able to access their mail for site reg, ect... There are over 90 five man teams competing for 300,000.00$ in prizes, and over 900 BYOC spots. These players are coming from all over the world. While many of these teams are aware of PostNuke working great for team web sites, I'm sure there are many who have not seen PostNuke in action.