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PostNuke .726 is Ready for Download

Contributed by on Jul 28, 2003 - 04:47 AM

This release has security updates, several cosmetic changes as well as usability changes we're sure you'll enjoy using. You can download here:

Change Log

HTML 4.01 & CSS Compliance: Credit to Mark West, Brandon Harvey, and larsneo for taking on the project. This was a task that required touching many files within the system to make sure it all parsed correctly and validated.

Permissions Systems Updates: Credit to Marc Maes who contributed the code on the main mods site and thanks to larsneo for integrating into the main core. Additional credit goes to Adam and Mark West for code refinement. The new permissions provides enhancements to inserting permission, in-table editing/inserting and adding of permissions, filtering of shown permissions allowing you to show all the permissions that apply to a specific group. There are layout refinements and updates the configurations.

A note of special thanks and credit goes to Andreas (aka larsneo) who went through every module ensuring that all have the relevant permissions calls and the WHERE clause fixes were applied to all modules as appropriate to prevent any potential SQL injection issues.

ADOdb – Credit to larsneo Database Abstraction Layer Upgraded to 3.60: More Information about ADODB can be found at

AvantGo - Mobile News Module Update: Credit to larsneo .726 note: permissions for 'Stories: Story’ and 'Topics: Topic’ components are fixed

As many of you know the AvantGo module allows you to pull information from the web to read on your PDA, Pocket, or next-generation phone.

Autolinks Permissions Updates: Credit to larsneo. Fixed permission schema, enhanced module security against script injection

Admin Message Update: Credit to aarrog. Applied patch #275 (use permissions to view admin messages)

A big thanks and credit goes to Michael Cohen – for providing basic source code auditing and due to various security related fixes over the complete code base an update is highly recommended.

New System Admin Icons: Credit to vworld.

- Various fixes and updates to language files

- Print Page Update

- New stats icons added

- New print page and refer article icons added

- Increased size of submit boxes

- New members list icons

- New members list title icon

- Updated topic images for a more unified look/feel

- Fixed empty line behind closing ?> tag (thx to geekster)

- Updated WHERE clauses [larsneo]

- Added default table type entry for pnconfig array

- Fixed TEXTAREA problem in error.php

- Minor fix in footer

- Backport of .8 fixes

- Additional HTML compliance fixes

- - backported .8 fixes

- pnAPI.php - removed re-correction of & html entity for html

compliance. - pnHTML.php - backported .8 fixes

- pnMod.php - added array check on args (thx to rabbitt)

- pnUser.php - fix for bugs #339 and #389

- queryutil.php - backported .8 fixes

- security.php - fixes for generic/specific permission checks (thx to

Ben Wynn)

- banners.php - fixed permissions

- big.php - fixed permissions

- rss.php Addresses patch #233 (CDATA tag not removed when fetching

RSS) - Includes/Search: HTML compliancy issues fixed and permissions

issues regarding results count.

- Install Issues: Fixes and installation updates

- Web Links Updates included HTML compliancy issues and log message


Last but not least thanks to InfoPro, pnCorps, and the community for testing, support and feedback on the release. And I apologize in advance to anyone I didn't mention in this post. Everyone has done a great job and deserves every bit of recognition they receive in the community and Open Source world!