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AutoTheme Future (the next level)

Contributed by on Aug 05, 2003 - 07:31 AM

Please stay tuned for further developments and checkout: MaxDev and Spidean

This is a very exciting prospect and I look forward to participating, and along the way bringing the PostNuke, PHP-Nuke, eNvolution and MaxDev versions of AutoTheme together to be fully compatible and contain the same feature sets, commands, etc.

Also in the works is an alignment of the GPL and Commercial AutoTheme versions to work easily together and be portable across the platforms. Look for AutoTheme 1.5 Beta 2 and AT-Lite .7 very soon!

Good news for theme designers: the new versions and their themes will function and be optimized for PostNuke, PHP-Nuke, eNvolution and the new MaxDev project. Great features, great portability and great choices!
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