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Interview: Klavs Klavsen

Contributed by on Sep 25, 2003 - 05:25 PM

What module(s) are you working on?

I help Øivind out a little with PagEd - he does some great work - and fast too !

I sent a few patches to Jason Judge, the creator of another great module called feproc (FormExpress Processor) - and as he didn't have an itch any more, he asked if I would like to take over maintainership, and so I have done, and released a few new versions with some features/fixes I needed myself :)

Other than that, I have made a small(!) addition to the FAQ module, that I hope will get in the PostNuke core soon - which makes the FAQ module require that you enter en email address, and emails the admin of the site, whenever someone enters a FAQ - they are both downloadable from my site I've been trying to find out if it will be

included in the PostNuke core - cause if it does, I'd gladly add admin-options to the code, so one can select/deselect these additions - but no sense in doing this, if it's just going to be a bigger patch, for me to maintain seperately from the core of the FAQ module.

I also translate (or am working on a translation - delayed due to different reasons :) for PagEd, FormExpress, feproc and pncommerce when I get the time (and PostKart - available at my site, but you all know what happened to PostKart).

Basically, I don't like to re-invent the wheel - I'd rather improve it :) - and I always see if my suggested changes sit well (enough to be included in the main tree) with the maintainers of whatever I want to change/enhance a bit - as I don't want to be stuck maintaining patches that will never get in the real source. If I do make patches, I make them as small as possible, so that it's less of a fuzz to merge, each time the original source gets updated.

What is your real-life job?

I'm an Open Source and Security Consultant, and I have recently started a managed (ie. Only I mess with the source-code, and ensure it actually works - fixing problems, reporting them to the authors and adding features as my customers see fit) PostNuke hosting service, called My reasoning for doing this, was that I had used postnuke for more than a year, and was happy with it, so I figured that others could use this too and started it. My hope is that, if this becomes a success, I will contribute a percentage of my profit as donations to the maintainers of the FOSS that I heavily depend on, and if money allows, also sponsor whatever improvements my customers need.

I don't like to spend time, writing html for my site when I don't need to - I'm lazy, which I believe everybody should be. Less wars, better code :)

Tell me about your postnuke "career".

Well, my first real PostNuke site, was (original design, by a friend of mine, who'se a pro designer :) - and as you may be able to see, the pages are just the usual articles, with a few annoying things hacked away. This way to create pages, isn't very pretty IMHO, but then I found PagEd, which made me realize that with PN and PagEd I had a combination that could be used by everybody, even my own mom (and she does use it, for her up-and-coming company site :) - and started

When did you start working on your own module?

Well, I haven't written any modules of my own (only themes, like the one for EnableIT), I don't think I'm going to need to write my own module, anytime soon either, unless a customer wants to pay for it, as this is one of PostNuke's greatest strengths, the wealth of modules.

What is your development like?

I improve/fix where I need to and help out if I can and have the commitment to do so (I have to select my battles, as there are so many).

Do other people help you? How do you work together?

In regards to modules that I work on, I work via Instant-messaging with Øivind on the PagEd module.

I get great help from google, and people on different mailinglists, to which I'd like to extent a big THANK YOU, for lending me some time. I try to give back, by helping back on these lists, and on the lists of my local LUG (SSLUG), of which I'm a boardmember.

How big is the impact of the community on your development?

Well - google and mailinglists (and forums) are a big help. I'm hoping more people realise how great a module feproc is, and start using it :) If anybody is using it - do tell - I'd also like to build up the ToDo list, and people are more than welcome to submit patches ;)

What features should the Postnuke .8 core have to simplify your work?

The main thing I'd like is performance improvements in PostNuke - but until then, I'm going to up the performance with squid-2.5-reverse-proxy-patched.

The biggest issue there, is I can't seem to find anyone who can tell me why the POSTNUKESID is needed for anonymous users (and I haven't prioritized it enought to dig through and find out myself) - as I don't like that every page sends a cookie to my clients. the POSTNUKESID thing, should be deselectable - I can't see it's use for anything but polls, and

the poll module should set that cookie IMHO (by telling PN to do so - which needs to be possible - Xaraya has this feature now).

Which route will Postnuke/your module in your opinion go in the future?

I think PN will stay popular. The smarty templating thing in .8 will be really good - and I see modules like pncommerce and others already making their modules ready to handle this. If PN manages to make it easy for people to change the module templates - or just switch between different output (I mean easy, like my mom can do it via the menus), it will have become truely great.

Anything else you always wanted to say about Postnuke/your module?

Not really, I've said enough :)

Only thing I'll say is a big THANK YOU to all the FOSS developers, thanks to you I may be able to feed my family with the money earned by my service, and ie. get paid to develop/improve FOSS programs - could life be any better than that (except for kids and a family of course :)

Thank you very much for you time.

You're welcome.