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Do You Know About the pnCorps?

Contributed by on Oct 01, 2003 - 04:07 AM

The pnCorps consists of people who have many different abilities. Everyone has something to offer us, from the new webmaster, to the experienced professional and the seasoned coder.

As the PostNuke .8 release approaches, we aim to improve all aspects of PostNuke, ranging from bringing together comprehensive documentation, to testing the new release, when it reaches that stage.

We are also looking for comments and suggestions on PostNuke as it is at the moment. If you would like to contribute to these discussions, then please head over to our project page on the NOC: and take a look at the forums

Would you like to help out at PostNuke?

If you are interested in what the pnCorps has to offer, and would like to get involved, then please e-mail hammerhead AT postnuke DOT com with the following information:

1. What name are you known by in the pnCommunity?

2. Which team(s) would you be interested in joining – Support, Documentation or Communication?

3. What is your experience with PostNuke? (Remember we are interested in everybody)

4. How much time could you contribute in a week?

It would also be helpful if you could sign up at the NOC,, and include your username there in the e-mail, I can then add you to the pnCorps group straight away.

What are you interested in helping with, and would you like to join any of the three teams – Documentation, Support or Communication