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Germany: Registered Association for PostNuke (PostNuke e.V.)

Contributed by on Oct 16, 2003 - 02:50 PM

Further original members are:

Jörg Napp (jn)

Alexander Bergmann (chasm)

Bernd Müller-Heitmann (Bernd)

Sebastian Frey (Traveller)

The fundamental idea for a development association emerged at the beginning of 2003. Mainly in the German language area we wanted to represent PostNuke. JUst now in the situation of ongoing discussions about the legal effect of the GPL in Europe and Germany it was our aim to build up an adequat institution together with the international project management.

Our idea based on the wish to strengthen the inner company of the community, to promote the cooperation of national and international developers and to build up a professional image.

We hope as a result a promotion of the development of additional modules and of PostNuke itself.

Our legal registration is stil pending at the local court in Berlin, Germany. So we will say more on this point at a later date.

The association is operator of and there will not be any changes in services and support. We hope it will be as good as ever.