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PHP 5.0.0 Beta 2 released - many changes and enhancements

Contributed by on Oct 31, 2003 - 11:59 PM

<a href=""target="_blank">Some of the more major changes include:

  • PHP 5 features the Zend Engine 2. For a list of Zend Engine 2 changes, please <a href=""target="_blank">visit this webpage;

  • XML support has been completely redone in PHP 5, all extensions are now focused around the <a href=""target="_blank"> excellent libxml2 library (see;

  • SQLite has been bundled with PHP. For more information on <a href=""target="_blank"> SQLite, please visit their website. ;

  • Streams have been greatly improved, including the ability to access low-level socket operations on streams.

    There have been many changes since Beta 1, some of them documented in the NEWS file and most language changes are documented in <a href=""target="_blank">ZEND_CHANGES
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