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PostNuke Project Summary - Issue #1

Contributed by on Nov 08, 2003 - 12:36 AM


This is the first of a series of summaries the PostNuke project is

publishing to keep you, the community, better informed about what is

happening with PostNuke both in development and other areas like site


Development News

Recently, Mark West has spent a large amount of time getting the

templating environment based on SMARTY ready for PostNuke .726. This

consists of the pnRender module, and the Xanthia themes module.

Xanthia is the .8 module for the templating of theme elements, and

should make building themes much easier than the traditional

‘hand-coded’ theme building method. Xanthia also brings many new

features and more functionality to PostNuke themes, gving the site

administrator more control over the site and it’s appearance.

By the end of the week Xanthia will be ready for the quality assurance

and beta testing stage, and will be released to the pnCorps. It then

will undergo a period of testing and bug-fixing ready for a rough

release date of early December.

As a part of the templating environment package, pnRender for the

templating of module output will be released. It's hoped by the release

of .8 there will be a substantial number of modules and themes that will

take advantage of the new features available to change the appearance of

a PostNuke website.

Weblinks/Downloads Streamlined

We've recently consolidated and streamlined the weblinks and downloads

sections for the PostNuke site to make it easier for users to locate

modules, themes, and related websites. We encourage everyone with

something to contribute to submit their links to the approporiate


Feature Requests, Patch Submissions and Bugs

We encourage everyone using PostNuke to get involved and the easiest and

quickest way for you to contribute back to the community is to submit

feature requests, bugs, and patches. We have set up a sophitiscated

system we call the "pnNOC" that stands for "PostNuke Network Operations

Center" as a centralized place to maintain this project information.

Also, if you are a developer we encourage to use the NOC to host your

module, so just submit a project request to get started.

pnNOC Links:

Feature Requests:

Report Bugs:

Submit Patches: