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Contributed by on Dec 21, 2003 - 08:00 AM

Nuke Search is a little different. Instead of pasting a link on your site, which you can do through the affiliate section if you wish, and having people click it to vote for you, you bid a certain amount to have your site listed higher in the rankings. This stops Nuke Admins from clicking their link a hundred times raising their sites rank artificially.

It is no cost to post your site on Nuke Search, you will always be listed. Down the road if you find the service valuable to you, you may always deposit a small amount to bid for higher rankings, banners for your site or even adwords.

The first 1000 people over the next 3 months will receive $50.00 of virtual cash to use for bids. This should last a very long time and get people bidding for placement, it really is very fun.

Please cut and paste this code MiMtvzhZ when signing up and you will receive the $50.00 of credit.

You can access Nuke Search at

Please visit and tell us what we are missing in the way of Nuke forks and also to help test the search engine script in development!


The Zamboozle Team

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