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New version of Backend.php for Postnuke supports Atom Feeds

Contributed by on Feb 07, 2004 - 07:55 AM

By using this new backen.php which I have called xBackend.php instead to describe the mulitfunctionality, and to also use the same namingconvemtion as other stuff from this site, you will gain a wider syndication solution for your users.

First of all you get all the benefits from the backend2.php which is already out and used by a lot of people. See more information here

Second you will gain support for multiple feedtypes, just by adding something to the url.

By default you will recieve a RSS 2.0 feed. But if you specify an other of the supportet feedtypes you will be able to get validating RSS 0.91 feeds and validating Atom feeds.

However the Atom specification is only at version 0.3 so that may change in the future, but I will try to keep up with the development as it goes.

At the same time I would like to request some help from the community. I am looking for a coder who woul dlike to help me make a new version of the xRss module for Postnuke.

It seems there are a growing interrest for this, and I would like to add more functionality. My trouble is that I am not familiar with how to recieve information from other modules. Like getting lists of topics, languages, categories etc. to choose from while selcting your sources for the feed url or script.



Atom validator


RSS 2 validator

RSS 0.91

RSS 0.91 validator

Functionality demo:

RSS 2 topic 1 and 18 only in danish and english languages

To support multilingual sites the language of the story is included in the link.

I will also be interested in headring from anyone who have special requirements for the feeds, like if you woul dlike to expand the use of elements in a feed.

Example: Under each Item a number of extra elements can be added like a link and description to the Category or topic. Postnuke has already som functionality to add some related links based uppon the topic settings, I guess that PN 0.8 with its more functional Categories system can do this as well with categories.