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Pre-Alpha XPC is released under GPL

Contributed by Anonymous on Aug 09, 2001 - 12:12 AM

This is a very prelimenary release aimed at developers only.

XPC is GPL software.

XPC is an integration of phpMyAdmin and some PostNuke features and then some. It is meant to be the ultimate hack of PHP-Nuke to make a foundation of which to easily build addons and modules.

All of the requested Nuke features are included such as: pure templating, dynamic meta data creation, dynamic navigation, no query strings, multiple domains, unlimited subdomains, reusing all tables and all code, ACL user group access, instant file conversions (unlimited formats and a really cool administration).

(developers should only download at this stage) Is it free? Yes! Where do i

get it? go to the 4Arrow developers site located at

Can I get involved and speed XPC's development?

Please do. Email Mike at 4arrow dot com (that's known as a spam proof email).