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The pnCommunity Code of Conduct - A reminder

Contributed by on Mar 11, 2004 - 06:59 PM



Your commitment to this Code of Conduct in all Community areas, which shall apply to all forums, chat areas, comments, mailing lists and/or other message or communication facilities designed to enable you to communicate with the Postnuke community (collectively, "the Community"), ensures a positive experience for all our users.

Postnuke,, The Postnuke Project and the Postnuke staff (hereafter referred to collectively or singularly as "Postnuke" or "PN") are not responsible for the content or activities of users in any such Community area.


Members of the PN Community shall be obliged to treat each other with mutual respect. Using the Community to threaten, harass, stalk, or abuse other members or PN developers or staff participating in any Community area will not be tolerated.

PN will not tolerate disruptive activity, such as persistent off-topic comments and postings or statements that incite others to violate this Code of Conduct or participate in activities that are not conducive to the well being of the Community as a whole. Registered users must certify that they are over the age of 13, and are expected to act accordingly. This Community is a vibrant and positive place. We'd like to keep it that way.

The PN Community is a place where developers and users can collaborate, integrate and participate in the design and progress of Postnuke and support each other in furtherance of same. PN is not a forum to air your political views. Comments that derogate another member or group with regard to race, gender, religion, age, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or socio-economic background shall be considered a de facto violation of this Code of Conduct and will be dealt with accordingly.

The PN staff will delete posts and comments that do not comply with this Code of Conduct. Repeated violations may result in further action, up to and including banning users from the Community.

<stong>NO SPAM

Please don't spam the Community. Spamming includes sending identical and/or irrelevant submissions to many different forums or mailing lists. Usually such postings have nothing to do with the particular topic of the group or are of no real interest to those on the mailing list or forum.

PN reserves the right to take such action as PN sees fit up to and including removing offensive messages and/or banning a user at any time, with or without notice, from any or all Community areas for spamming.

The Community areas may be used to provide supplemental information regarding your own business (provided that you do not use spam to provide this information); however, the Community areas are not designed to be used as the primary mechanism for operating your business or providing core information about your business. Any use of the Community areas for commercial purposes is solely at your own risk and PN has no liability for such use.

The preceding shall not be construed to prohibit or discourage members from posting links to their own websites where commercial services may or may not be offered. Building web sites is, after all, what PN is about.


PN's core developers spend countless hours to provide you with a robust content management system. They are not paid for their work. Many of our module, block and theme developers also offer their hard work to the Postnuke Community with no expectation of any compensation other than the satisfaction of creating something that will be enjoyed and utilized by PN users worldwide. Likewise, many of them are not paid for their work. They do not owe you anything, however when you choose to use Postnuke or the modules, blocks and themes that are offered for free to you, you do owe the developers, at a bare minimum, respect for the time and effort that they have spent. Abuse or harassment of developers regarding their efforts or their release timelines will not be tolerated.


You are responsible and liable for all of your activities while participating in the Community areas.

PN reserves the right to remove at any time, with or without notice, any posting that violates this Code of Conduct.

You are responsible for any actions you may take based on advice or information you receive online. Use your own good judgment when evaluating information provided through any Community area; remember that the information provided could be from people of any age and experience level. The decision to conduct transactions with anyone is your own and you should conduct your own research prior to making any decisions.


In helping to make the Community a great place to meet, collaborate, support and share, you must do your part to uphold this Code of Conduct.

PN reserves the right to immediately terminate or suspend access to any Community area for violations of our Code of Conduct, or at the staff's discretion to deal with situations or behaviors that do not comply with the spirit of this Code of Conduct, although such situations or behavior may not be addressed specifically herein.

PN also reserves the right to amend or change the Code of Conduct at any time with or without notice. You agree to periodically review this document to ensure you are doing your part.