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Postnuke .8 - A Preview

Contributed by on Mar 11, 2004 - 07:06 PM

4. Code Optimization - In order to improve Postnuke's performance the code was optimized. Additionally Smarty's (Xanthia) and ADODB'd caching can be used.

5. Advanced User Module - All features of Chestnuts pncUserHack will be included in the new user module. Dynamic user date will be kept in an extra module.

6. Mailer Module - Basing upon phpMailer (PHP Libary) external SMTP-/Mailservers, HTML-mails and attachements can be used.

7. Further Database Abstraction - ADODB data dictionary Tools will support installation with various database management systems other than mysql.

8. Advanced Authentication - Additional to Postnuke's user database authentication with other system can be realized. LDAP will be supported and other systems can be added via plugins.

9. Additional Hook Modules - Jörg Napp's EZComments replaces the hitherto NS-Comment modules. Other hooks will be bbcode, bbclick, bbsmile and hitcount.

10. Advanced Statistics - Craig Saunder's AdvStats Module will replace the HTTP-referer and the statistics module.

11. Syndication Feeds (RSS / Atom) - Feeds can be generated from all modules using templates.

12. extended RSS Support - Future RSS support will be using external RSS parser Onyx RSS

13. Global Categories - The new categories module provides cateories in all compatible modules like FAQ, News, WebLinks aso.

14. Collected Pending Content - Basing upon the SnakePending module all pending content will be collected and displayed in a to-do overview.

15. Printing - Printing view supported via special printing template

16. Better Support of current Standarts - All output will be valid HTML strict (hitherto: transitional) and XHTML. This also applies for the the feeds.

17. Support of 3rd Party Developements - Postnuke will in future include 3rd party open source developements. Since the .7 series only featured ADODB as an example, .8 will make use of the Smarty developement, but will also include phpMailer and Onyx RSS.

Together with Jørn Lind-Nielsen globally available pictures gallery Photoshare and his meta module pagesetter, pnCommerce, PagEd, Content Express and all the other great modules this all sounds great, doesn't it?

The ultimate question remains unanswered: When will .8 be released? pnCore-Team manager Larsneo expects a milestone release in 6-8 weeks. That release will definitely not be ready for productive use and will not feature any update routines. Nevertheless it will enable module developers to test the functionality of they modules under the new enviroment before a first release candidate is ready.