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A more 'advanced' reviews section

Contributed by I posted the easiest on Aug 09, 2001 - 12:15 AM

1. On my present website I have both book reviews and movie reviews. What I need to transfer these reviews to the PostNuke format is a plug-in that can do a lot more than the present reviews plug-in.

I.e. a plug-in that allows multiple kinds of reviews, such as book, movie and concert reviews. This means that there should be fields such as 'author', 'isbn', 'director', etc.

2. Is is possible, with PostNuke, for an administrator to make an independent page? For example, in PHPMyWebsite ( the administrator can build a page, for example call it 'information.php' and then put whatever he or she wants on that page. I.e. a way to make independent pages, not through 'sections' or 'topics'.