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Updated Version of Xanthia Theme Engine (XTE) and pnRender Available in Downloads Section

Contributed by on Apr 12, 2004 - 10:38 AM

The following are the changes in RC3:

Fixed : Missing quote in Xanthia init script preventing successful install under certain configurations

Fixed : Removed unneeded short urls global from all theme.php's

Fixed : Added ADODB error checks to queries during engine initialisation (pnuserapi.php). See note 1.

Fixed : Added check for valid engine object after engine initialisation (all theme.php's). See note 1.

Fixed : Added missing </head> tag in piterpanv2 theme (master.htm)

Fixed : Correct smarty variable case in table1 and table2 templates - prevented old style module output from displaying.

Fixed : .7x category/theme overides now work in Xanthia themes.

Updated : Many functions how have internal in memory caches to avoid repeated db queries. This enhances performance.

Updated : Xanthia themes now include header and footer html so master.htm now represents an entire page.

Updated : Xanthia now uses new database connection method (credit to Eric Barr for this code).

Updated : Output filters now only operate on the final master template to avoid repeated replacements on sub templates.

Updated : Engine now uses assign by reference on all dynamic content - reduces memory usage.

New : Caching of block zones, palettes and theme settings in pnTemp/Xanthia_Config via Generate Config Cache admin option.

New : Full page caching available via admin panel. Modules can be excluded from full page caching via the admin panel.

New : modulestylesheets plugin allows loading of per module stylesheets (stored in modules/<modname>/pnstyle).

New : New plugin to generate standard PN header and footer (additional_header, pagerendertime, lang, keywords, charset).

New : visual editor plugins for typetool v55 (PN .72x), typetool v8 (larsneo's new version) and htmlarea (.8x).

Download it here