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Satus of next release of PN

Contributed by I've replied inside on Aug 09, 2001 - 10:14 PM

I'm in a situation where I'll have to choose something soon for one of my customer's web site and PN looks like what I'd like to use.

I have a little time yet so please help me with some indication regarding how long I/we have to wait for the next release? Is version 1.0 near by? Should I run/use somthing else? Should I use Mutant and upgrade? I'd really rather do a fresh install with the latest build if its not too far away.

1.0 is a ways off. We have quite a few things left to do to fulfill our original scope and vision of the project. Please read the article in the sections for more information on the vision.

Is there someting just around the corner to replace Mutant? What and when will it be? Just your best estimate please.

Well, there is actually going to be a feature freeze this evening to start bug checking and fixing what we have now for another Mutant package. The .7 series sub-titled "Rogue" will start to show it's head in September if all goes as expected.

Thanks for the help and keep up the good work guys!