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Contributed by on Jun 02, 2004 - 09:56 PM

Postnuke Archives
pnaPowerToolbar is a convenient tool for any Postnuke

Features of our
pnaPowerToolbar include:

  • Quick access links to all major areas of
    Postnuke and its sub sites (Main Site, Modules, Blocks, and Themes).

  • Quick access links to Postnuke Archives

  • Search all areas of Postnuke Archives and All sub sites of Postnuke from the
    search field of the pnaPowerToolbar.

  • Quick links to many webmaster tools. (with more to come)

  • Built-in Translation feature that will allow you to translate any website you
    are viewing in your browser.

  • Built-in Pop-up Blocker
    Built-in Cookie and History Cleaner

  • Built-in update feature that will allow your
    pnaPowerToolbar to seamlessly
    stay current with the latest tools and links that become available from
    Postnuke Archives and Postnuke.

  • Compatible with MS Internet Explorer Browsers.

  • Win 95/98/2000/NT/XP

Screenshots, features, and link to download