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News ? Friendster-like site built on Postnuke

Contributed by on Jun 08, 2004 - 03:36 AM

Soon this guy pioneered the site's birth, and two weeks later was online. Three days after it was launched on May 3rd, 2004, has 400 members registered , and several days later the site traffic has seen a tremendous increase in page views and visits. One month after its start-up, all the stats are rocketing high, especially after some computer media in Indonesia exposed in their articles.

What is anyway ? You could simply associate this site with ?a friendster-like site?. Well, not just that. FUPEI is built upon Postnuke and several modules ? all of them are free and open source. The site developer only made several customization such as friend linking module and theme (off course). The rest of the modules are e.g. Photoshare, XForum, Messenger, AutoTheme Lite, etc, which you can find on the net.

This site is still under steady and continuous development. Our developers are still tweaking codes and theme templates aimed to reduce the server load and to save bandwidth, while on the other hand to bring a better experience for the users. Some friends from Indonesian Postnuke Community also have volunteered to assist us in improving the system.

But of course, thanks to postnuke and all the modules, the system is already stable, realiable and secure. Our next plan is to find a sponsor, since our hosting service provider already stated that is consuming a lot of resources, and suggested that we upgrade the account :-(

To all the developers whose modules are used on, we'd like to express our gratitude. would take longer time to develop without your modules. Please inform us if you think we have violated your license, since we don't have a clear understanding on legal terms. Last but not least, our gratitude goes to all postnuke developers ? and of course, to all postnuke communities world-wide.

On behalf of's developer