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PostNuke 0.750 Gold Release Candidate 3 and XTE 5

Contributed by on Jun 12, 2004 - 06:02 PM

7) Setting for controlling loading of legacy code (also XTE5); note: some modules
may have a problem with this setting being off - results largely untested.

8) Adodb was updated to 4.22 so PostNuke should work in php5 environments

9) Queryutil.php (some kind of pre-adodb database abstraction) has been deprecated
- all corresponding sql-statements have been rewritten

10) Bugs that have been reported are fixed.

11) The credit for the idn-class goes to Matthias Sommerfeld

12) Improved section 508 / WCAG / BITV compliance for the frontend (mostly label,
tabindex etc).

13) Theme Pack - Addition of homepage templates with center blocks only in this
template, so centerblocks are only on frontpage if wanted.

You can find further information about the PostNuke 0.750 Gold release

Please report any bugs using the bug tracker found on the "Development"
block on every page.

Downloads Details:-


5, XTEThemePack RC5 and Example RC5

PostNuke Team