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PostNuke Communities Around the World: Germany

Contributed by on Jul 03, 2004 - 06:49 AM

Next we have several members working exclusively in support - they help newbies with their problems in the forums and work on the German documentation for admins, developers and designers. To name only a few "hardcore supporters" there are Klaus Petzka (Petzi-Juist), Special Agent Immo Fietz (immof) and my humble self Steffen Voß (ArschMitOhren).

Since May 2002 our site has attracted more than 3,500 registered users, who produced close to 40,000 forum posts and more than 6,000,000 pageviews.

Last year we decided to found a membership corporation. That is done by now, but due to the distance between the various founders and the medium Iinternet, we haven't achieved the ability to actually take new members but that will be solved soon. (Prussian Bureaucracy) ;-)

Our latest event is the European pnMeeting in August. What was intended to be an informal barbeque with our Southern Germans Jörg, Andreas and Frank, evolved into an Iinternational developer meeting. Mark and Drak from Great Britain will also come along with Jörn from Denmark, Brave Cobra from Belgium. I think it's going to be nice and we will certainly present a couple of hundred photos afterwards. ;-)