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PHP 5.0.1 Released!

Contributed by on Aug 13, 2004 - 12:42 PM

Version 5.0.1


* Changed destructor mechanism so that destructors are called prior to request shutdown. (Marcus)

* Rewritten UNIX and Windows install help files. (Documentation Team)

* Updated several libraries bundled with the windows release which now includes libxml2-2.6.11, libxslt-1.1.7 and iconv-1.9.1. (Rob, Edin)

* Improved and moved ActiveScript SAPI to PECL. (Wez)

* Fixed unloading of dynamically loaded extensions. (Marcus, kameshj at fastmail dot fm)

* Fixed ReflectionClass::getMethod() and ReflectionClass::getProperty() to raise an ReflectionException instead of returning NULL on failure. (Sebastian)

* Fixed convert.* filters to consume remaining buckets_in on flush. (Sara)

* Fixed bug in mysqli->client_version. (Georg)

* Fixed bug #29606 (php_strip_whitespace() prints to stdout rather then returning the value). (Ilia)

* Fixed bug #29577 (MYSQLI_CLIENT_FOUND_ROWS undefined) (Georg)

* Fixed bug #29573 (Segmentation fault, when exception thrown within PHP function called from XSLT). (Christian)

* Fixed bug #29522 (accessing properties without connection) (Georg)

* Fixed bug #29505 (get_class_vars() severely broken when used with arrays). (Marcus)

* Fixed bug #29490 (.Net object instantiation failed). (Michael Sisolak).

* Fixed bug #29474 (win32: usleep() doesn't work). (Wez)

* Fixed bug #29449 (win32: feof() hangs on empty tcp stream). (Wez)

* Fixed bug #29437 (Possible crash inside array_walk_recursive()). (Ilia)

* Fixed bug #29431 (crash when parsing invalid address; invalid address returned by stream_socket_recvfrom(), stream_socket_getname()). (Wez)

* Fixed bug #29409 (Segfault in PHP functions called from XSLT). (Rob)

* Fixed bug #29395 (sqlite_escape_string() returns bogus data on empty strings). (Ilia, Tony)

* Fixed bug #29392 (com_dotnet crashes when echo'ing an object). (Wez)

* Fixed bug #29368 (The destructor is called when an exception is thrown from the constructor). (Marcus)

* Fixed bug #29354 (Exception constructor marked as both public and protected). (Marcus)

* Fixed bug #29342 (strtotime() does not handle empty date string properly). (Ilia)

* Fixed bug #29340 (win32 build produces invalid php_ifx.dll). (Edin)

* Fixed bug #29335 (fetch functions now use MYSQLI_BOTH as default) (Georg)

* Fixed bug #29291 (get_class_vars() return names with NULLs). (Marcus)

* Fixed bug #29264 (gettext extension not working). (Edin)

* Fixed bug #29258 (variant_date_from_timestamp() does not honour timezone). (Wez)

* Fixed bug #29256 (error when sending large packets on a socket). (Dmitry)

* Fixed bug #29236 (memory error when wsdl-cache is enabled). (Dmitry)

* Fixed bug #29147 (Compile Error in mnoGoSearch functions). (Sergey, Antony)

* Fixed bug #29132 ($_SERVER["PHP_AUTH_USER"] isn't defined). (Stefan)

* Fixed bug #29119 (html_entity_decode() misbehaves with UTF-8). (Moriyoshi)

* Fixed bug #29109 (SoapFault exception: [WSDL] Out of memory). (Dmitry)

* Fixed bug #29061 (soap extension segfaults). (Dmitry)

* Fixed bug #28985 (__getTypes() returning nothing on complex WSDL). (Dmitry)

* Fixed bug #28969 (Wrong data encoding of special characters). (Dmitry)

* Fixed bug #28895 (ReflectionClass::isAbstract always returns false). (Marcus)

* Fixed bug #28829 (Thread-unsafety in bcmath elementary values). (Sara)

* Fixed bug #28464 (catch() does not catch exceptions by interfaces). (Marcus)

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