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OSCOM.4 with ApacheTrack

Contributed by on Aug 24, 2004 - 12:39 AM

Press Release

The Open Source content management community is rich and varied

with many projects such as OpenCMS, Plone, Midgard, Cofax, Apache Lenya,

Drupal, Typo 3 and many others. Almost all Open Source CMS rely on software

from the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), and we look forward to lots of

cross-pollination between the Apache and CMS communities.

In addition, market awareness is rapidly growing, with several

Open Source CMS and ASF projects being mentioned favorably

in recent analyst reports.

OSCOM.4 features a wide range of talks and tutorials. Keynotes by Roy Fielding

and Rolf Auf der Maur are followed by talks and tutorials from members of the W3C,

the Apache Software Foundation and the open source community at large.

The ApacheTrack focuses on Apache technologies, while the OSCOM tracks focus

on content management issues.

The program is separated into 3 tracks.

1) OSCOM Technical / Community Track

2) OSCOM Business Track

3) ApacheTrack

OSCOM.4 is a place for developers, vendors, integrators and

users to mingle and learn from each other. Register today.