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Latest Stable Release Now Available: A Major Step on the Road to 1.0

Contributed by on Sep 02, 2004 - 12:33 AM

Upgrading from Older Versions?

Backup, backup, backup.

Before you upgrade we'd like you to keep in mind much of the core code has been changed. For example, there may be modules, blocks or themes that do not work with this release. So as usual, we recommend you create a test site before upgrading and/or backing up your files and your database. Also, when updating it's a good idea to document which modules work and don't work with the new version so we can help mod devs know the bugs. We suggest you post this information to the forums so module developers will have immediate feedback about which of their modules work with this latest version. Note, if a module is abandoned then you might be able to find a developer who is willing to update it too.

Finally, the upgrade functions have been tested in as many scenarios as possible so you can safely upgrade from any version of PostNuke, and even a few other systems like PHP-Nuke and myPHPNuke. But remember as noted before please make sure you have backed up your files and database before attempting to upgrade to the latest version. As mentioned above, as we've tested this release we've found many of the older modules need to be upgraded to work with this latest release. However, most of the themes should still work without problems. To get support please use the <a href://">PostNuke forums.

Languages: Building International Community Awareness

Full internationalization, 100% language support, has always been a PostNuke goal but has yet to be fully implemented. And although many language packs have been available they have not localized a PostNuke site 100%.

The PostNuke team is turning more attention to this issue in the upcoming 0.8 release and is reaching out to the non-English-speaking PostNuke communities through the main PN site.

The initial approach is to provide English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese language packs "out of the box" (i.e. simultaneously with each new release), and we'll be doing our best to provide up-to-date translations of documentation as time goes on.

The team is also working on developing closer relations with non-English-speaking PostNuke communities. And in an effort to facilitate this the PostNuke team has created a Language Project Manager, and the role is currently being held by David Nelson. David is looking to work-up a team with French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese members.

If you're interested in contributing to making PostNuke genuinely "worldware", then please contact vanessa at or drak at to volunteer your services or share your story.

Look for more news about language issues in the near future.

In the package you will find installation help in the following languages other than English:

Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Croatian (HRV + CRO), French , German , Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Thai.

Visit the Language Project page


Included in the New release are new tools providing better perfomance and usability.


A new mailing class for easier integration with other modules. The Mailer module is based on PHPMailer.


Enabling Smarty functions is PostNuke for caching the PHP as HTML pages. The cached files will be updated when a change in the database or the templatefile is made. This will meen faster pageviews.


A new WYSIWYG editor. (Note, look for updates to this module with respect to better usability and graphics.)


A theme rendering engine that extends the use of Smarty to the theme. What does this mean to you? It means that not only pnRender based module pages will be cached but also the use of HTML pages as PostNuke templates is at its strongest point. And makes it easier for people not familiar with PHP to easily edit and create new themes for PostNuke.

In our efforts to meet W3C standards the .75 provides strict HTML compliance and XHTML compatibility. One caveat, this is dependent on theme and module compliance, however all core modules now render compliant to HTML and XHTML guidelines.

Note, during the next couple of months we will be refining the XTE interface, releasing tutorials, and asking for feedback from designers on how we can make Xanthia better and for those curious the AT module still works in this latest version.

Staying Informed

As a reminder, we have two valuable mailing lists available to keep you updated about security issues and release announcements. You can subscribe and access them with the following links:

- New Releases

- Security Updates

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

In closing, we would like to thank everyone for their contributions and support over the past three years, they include: forum support people, doc writers, coders, management, international partners, 3rd party devs, themers and users who have submitted bugs, code fixes and ideas. Your support and continued participation is one of the many reasons PostNuke continues to grow. And last but not least, of course tremendous thanks goes out to the team of volunteers directly involved in making this release a great success!

Woo hoo!

Download the latest release:

The PostNuke Team

P.S. You can also read the previous annoucement and get support in the forums