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PostNuke Themes Converted to Xanthia

Contributed by on Sep 05, 2004 - 11:35 PM

The main features of the Xanthia Templating Environment are as follows:

Based on the popular PHP Smarty template system, XTE allows for the complete abstraction of application logic from content through the use of HTML templates.

XTE replaces placeholders in templates with their actual values, created in the application logic. These placeholders have been created to support popular HTML editors such as Dreamweaver.

Conditionals and loops similar to those in PHP are available to make decisions based on output.

Variable modifiers can change a particular placeholder’s content. For example, transforming a string to all capital letters.

Caching in Xanthia of whole pages is available to reduce server load and greatly improve load times. Configuration caches can also be generated, putting Xanthia theme load times on a par with the ‘Classic’ theme variants and competing products in many situations.

Online administration of a theme can change its look, templates, colours and block positioning.

We encourage theme developers and site administrators to take advantage of Xanthia’s power and flexibility in their own sites, and also submit suggestions and improvements to future versions of Xanthia at the NOC Feature Requests area.

The PostNuke Team