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Postnuke community around the world - next phase ?

Contributed by on Oct 31, 2004 - 08:06 PM

My brave idea is to prepare and conduct chat or irc session with admins of support sites and postnuke management+development teams. Let’s say that on the monthly basis (or once per two month) we all will meet “virtual” and discuses postnuke future, users opinion, main issue, development standards, review the situation on open source world etc. Before this monthly “virtual” meeting we will decide who will prepare the minutes and after meeting those minutes will be translated for non- English language (by each of admin) and distrusted to all support site.

In my opinion minutes from this kind of meeting will be extremely interesting for users and will also bring to postnuke project many advantages.

What you think about that ?

Sorry for my english – but i hope that the idea is quite simple even if its written by my.

All the best for postnuke project team and postnuke users !


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