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On the virtues of being patient

Contributed by There will be a Muta on Aug 10, 2001 - 10:54 AM

I had no problems with the last version of fall-out, but Mutant, that's another story. I wouldn't even call dot sixtyone a "stable" version. Not complaining here, just want to make a point. I believe that others would agree that while we would all like to see every possible feature developed, and have it yesterday, that's not the best avenue to stable code.

Please don't let all of us rush you into releasing "Rogue" only to have it full of problems. If we could all be a little more patient it would allow the team more time to actually work on the program we all love and also have the time to check for all those little annoyances. And just think of all the time they could save and put into further development if they weren't having to answer all our questions on how to fix this or that.

Bottom line? Let's all give the team time to work, not be so quick to take advantage of their helpfulness in the forums, and do our best to learn that patience is a virtue!