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Pre release notification - PostNuke .76

Contributed by on Dec 23, 2004 - 03:10 PM

Summary of Main Changes

Further cleaning of HTML

  • pn-normal custom class removed in favor of styling of block level element using CSS- pn-pagetitle class replaced by use of h1 tag

  • pn-title class replaced by use of h2 tag

  • all fake lists created using middot's replaced with proper lists

Simplication of non API compliant links

op=modload & file=index are the defaults so these are removed from all links

New printer (Xanthia) theme - enables printable view of any page

Removal of NS- prefix on all modules

Updated modules:

Admin_Messages, Modules, Blocks, Permissions, Groups, legal, Censor, Messages, Ephemerids, Quotes, Autolinks, AvantGo, Credits, Members_List, Ratings & Admin

Modules updated for full API compliance and templated output

- New modules

  • Sniffer; Detects browser and browser capabilities using phpSniff (by Roger Raymond)

  • RSS; Replaces dated feed handling with an xml based parser (magpie rss)

Bug fixes

  • Xanthia - many fixes since original release

  • Mailer (added support for additional headers, bcc's & cc's), fixed sending to multiple addresses.

New features in core

  • Modules can now be referenced using an 'alias' via the module display name setting.

  • Default start function type, function name & parameters to the function can be defined. Note: API compliant modules only.

  • Standard database connection error moved to 'template' in includes/templates.

  • Ability to turn the site off for maintainence (access to provided via permissions setting).

  • Ability to set what function type, function name and any parameters for the start page (API compliant modules only)

New features in modules (in addition to API compliance and templated output)


  • filter by letter, state

  • graphical indicatator of state

  • detection of change of type, admin & user capability

  • ability to recover from missing files state


  • graphical indicatator of state

  • ability to define each block as collaspable (credit to Mark Heldstab)

  • ability to define each blocks' default collapseable state (credit to Mark Heldstab)


  • Groups - ability to add multiple users to a group in one go

  • legal - added template accessibility report (thanks to

  • Censor - added transfrom hook for censor module (supercedes pnVarCensor API - maintained for backwards compatability)

  • Admin - added ability to split modules into categories, the categories view are skinable via a single stylesheet

  • Credits - support for multiple module contacts via comma seperated values in pnversion.php

  • Smarty updated to v2.6.6

  • ADODB updated to v4.5.4