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How to make Post Nuke .76 RTL - LTR complient

Contributed by This is unsupported, on Mar 07, 2005 - 08:31 PM

Also, the RTL is not only justifying the text right instead of left but it is also setting the direction to RTL so that the dots, comma, paranthesis shuold look right.

Now looking at the new RC .76, I had to apply the following fixes to make it working with the Arabic language and I am sure the other RTL language users can follow the same procedure to fix the issues. I also wish that the devolopers should take that into account in the future releases:

·On the global.php language file add the following constant to the RTL language file:


o _ALIGNL = Right

o _ALIGNR = Left

·for the other languages like english if you are planning to use multi languagesite add the following constants:


o _ALIGNL = Left

o _ALIGNR = Right

·Now scan through all the .php , html files, if there is any output to the browser like table alignment, text alignment, cell formatting, or any thing that mentioned :

o Left ===> replace with _ALIGNL

o Right ==> replace with _ALIGNR

That goes to all .php and css files.

·For the conventional themes to work well, go to the module “header_footer” and add the following line just before the </head> tag:

<style type="text/css">body { direction:; } </style>

That also apply to the eXanthia themes.

·Go over the new HTML templates for the admin module or exanthia theme and any other module and apply the same. Note that if you want to replace a something on the HTML template file then you have to use the following format:


·On the Typetool editor, that was a problem by itself, I could alter one line to let it load by default as RTL however, it cannot be modified so that you can have buttons for both options. The editor code is using the command “ExecCommand” which does not support altering the direction. That should be looked at and evaluated in the future by the postnuke developers. You can add the following line :

o setTimeout("document.frames['"+FID+"']'RTL'",200)

somewhere in the function initDefaultOptions0(FID) in the file quickbuild_IE and quickbuild_MOZ. Also, the file language.js needs to be translated if you wish to the language you want but then it will not help if you want to use multilanguage site.

That was in summary what I have done to make Post Nuke RTL. Sorry to make such short but if you have any questions or concerns please contact me at or at my web site .