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PostNuke 0.750 Gold Hebrew Translation

Contributed by on Mar 16, 2005 - 05:17 PM

Work is in progress for a valid, proper translation for PostNuke in the Hebrew language (he_IL, ISR, heb)

The final product would be offered, for now, as a complete package (modified PostNuke, changes are written onto original english installation).

This is mostly because doing LTR to RTL is most intrusive and doesn't end at just translating all the lang files.

Later on, and as need arises, I would attempt either writing an updater script that would search new versions and replace text as needed, or look for an option to integrate the language as an addon (like all other languages), but the whole idea seems very unlikely, because of the waste of time (doing this 1 man crew thing).

If I would have more support and help, there would be a stable and reliable support for versions newer than 0.750 gold.

Any one who wants to contact me for this project should do so at:

lordskp [at] gmx [dot] net


Basic PHP knowledge (I won't rule out people who wants to learn, though)

Hebrew-English, fluent.

Common sense.

If you still hesitate, I hereby announce that Postnuke is the most assuring project for Hebrew CMS. I've spent about 10 hours of my free time, to check on other leading CMSs, and to see if they like Hebrew -- they didn't!.

And i won't even talk about hebrew for PHPNuke!!.