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Security fix for pmBOX module

Contributed by on May 28, 2005 - 08:15 PM

A few months ago I took the decision to release a modified version of Portal)ZINE iMod pmBOX module by Alexander Graef [MagicX] released under GPL and previously available on This release was aimed at making this module compatible with PostNuke .750 and .760 but as usual when I work on a module I did a complete security audit of the module and fixed all problems that I found.

With the release of PostNuke Security Advisory PNSA 2005-2 fixes for the Messages module, it is clear that I forgot some issues and a fix is needed because some parameters aren't properly sanitized in some pmBOX files.

This 2.81 version (as the 2.8 one) bring no new features, just security fixes.

It has been tested under PostNuke .750 and .760RC4.

You can download it Here.

Please note that if you want to thank somebody for this module you should thank Alexander Graef [MagicX] for releasing this module, not me, and if you want to blame somebody for a problem with this version or have some support you shoud direct your mails to me because this module is no more supported by Portal)Zine.