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PostNuke Community User Survey Results

Contributed by on Jul 12, 2005 - 11:02 PM

PostNuke Site Navigation

We are currently working on improving the navigation and look/feel of the main PN site. And with all things it doesn't always go as quickly as we'd like but we expect to launch a preview of a new site in the very near future.


This is constant concern for everyone involved in the project. There have been some nice additions to the documentation project over the past few months and I think more than not having documentation, the real issue it is difficult to find. So as we improve the main site we are paying close attention the issue of documentation. So look for improvement in this area in the near future.

Module/Block Repository

Some users requested a "full and complete list of all available modules/blocks/themes" - and we would like to say this is nearly impossible and it it were possible, it would be alot of work to keep it up-to-date. Several years ago we setup PostNuke's NOC as a centralized place to support any PostNuke related project for FREE.

The site offers the following developement tools: CVS (including a web interface), mailing lists, discussion forums, bug/feature tracking, document mgmt, task lists, and a website that provides usage statistics, including the project members, the number of mailing lists, CVS statistics, the number of items in the discussion forums, etc.

We encourage anyone, developers and designers, with a PostNuke related project to register their project.

Register a Project

Check out the Current Projects

UPDATE: The NOC is not perfect. The team knows it has flaws and that support there was lacking so we've added additional admins so no one should have to wait for weeks for project approval any longer.

Current NOC admins Drak Valerio, Frank Schummertz ( and IIRC Franky Chestnut (

This is our attempt to build a module, block, and theme repository for all PostNuke related projects.

Module Info

There are so many modules claiming to be PostNuke modules and were only half heartedly ported it the first days of PostNuke so beware there have been so many changes in the development over the past four years some modules may not work with the most up-to-date versions of the PostNuke CMS.

Better Forum Support

First let's agree the forum is quite helpful but we recognize there are some areas we can improve. We appreciate the feedback and are looking into ways we can optimize the technology to help us provide better forum support. But don't be shy, once you learn to do something or have an answer/response to a question get involved.


Finally as mentioned in the comments there were design errors in this initial survey but even with these errors the results are valuable and has shed light on several areas of the project. Again, it's our first survey and we will improve as we create more surveys in the future. There's no such thing as a perfect questionaire but we intend to get closer to perfection in the future. :)

Get Involved

We are looking for volunteers for several positions listed below:

1. Module Review Reporter: Responsible for testing and reviewing new and older modules to publish on the main PostNuke site. Your articles/publications will include your picture, a short bio, and a link back to your site.

2. PostNuke Community Reporter - not every module developer writes his own news at PostNuke and we're looking for someone who is interested in writing up announcements, interviewing developers, and looking for exciting developments in this specific area of the community.

3. International Community Reporter: As a project we want to build relationships with the wonderful international sites and communities. The person who takes on this position will be responsible for writing announcements, and conducting interviews. Your articles/publications will include your picture, a short bio, and a link back to your site.

4. PostNuke Theme Reporter: Responsible for theming news, short how-tos, tutorials, and introducing/interviewing designers. You should be familiar with all the elements of theming for PostNuke including the Xanthia and AutoTheme. All your articles/publications will include your picture, a short bio, and a link back to your site.

5. Special Content/Documentation : We are looking for someone to compare/contrast the features of PostNuke to the following: PHP-Nuke, Mambo, and Drupal. The person should be familiar with both software CMS's to do a clear, concise comparison of features, functions, etc. Also you would have access to the PN team to review the comparison to offer technical feedback and information for accuracy. And the document would be included on the main PN site to help potential users decide which package to use. You would also be provided with a matrix of specifics to compare with guidelines so you wouldn't have to start from scratch. Your publications will include your picture, a short bio, and a link back to your site.

For more information about the volunteer positions contact us at: vanessa at postnuke dot com