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PostNuke 0.760 released

Contributed by on Aug 22, 2005 - 01:13 AM

Summary of Main Changes

Further cleaning of HTML

  • pn-normal custom class removed in favor of styling of block level element using CSS

  • pn-pagetitle class replaced by use of h1 tag

  • pn-title class replaced by use of h2 tag

  • all fake lists created using middot's replaced with proper lists

Simplication of non API compliant links

op=modload & file=index are the defaults so these are removed from all links

New printer (Xanthia) theme - enables printable view of any page

A printable view of any page is available using the printer theme. Append the url theme=Printer to the url or build a 'print me' button into your theme.

Removal of NS- prefix on all modules

All modules that contained the NS- prefix in the directory name have had this removed. This prefix is a result of our origins in php-nuke.

Baseline security analyzer

This new feature adds a check for some of the more basic configuration settings that can enhance the security of a PostNuke installation.

New features in core

  • Modules can now be referenced using an 'alias' via the module display name setting.

  • Default start function type, function name & parameters to the function can be defined. Note: API compliant modules only.

  • Standard database connection error moved to a 'template' in includes/templates.

  • Ability to turn the site off for maintainence (access to provided via permissions setting).

  • Smarty updated to v2.6.10.

  • ADODB updated to v4.6.5.


Admin_Messages, Modules, Blocks, Permissions, Groups, legal, Censor, Messages, Ephemerids, Quotes, Autolinks, AvantGo, Credits, Members_List, Ratings & Admin have been updated for full API compliance and templated output.

New modules

  • Sniffer; Detects browser and browser capabilities using phpSniff (by Roger Raymond).

  • RSS; Replaces dated feed handling with an xml based parser (magpie rss).

Bug fixes

  • Xanthia - many fixes since original release.

  • Mailer (added support for additional headers, bcc's & cc's), fixed sending to multiple addresses.

New features in modules (in addition to API compliance and templated output)

Modules module

  • filter by letter, state

  • graphical indicatator of state

  • detection of change of type, admin & user capability

  • ability to recover from missing files state


  • graphical indicatator of state

  • ability to define each block as collaspable (credit to Mark Heldstab)

  • ability to define each blocks' default collapseable state (credit to Mark Heldstab)


  • Groups - ability to add multiple users to a group in one go

  • legal - added template accessibility report (thanks to

  • Censor - added transfrom hook for censor module (supercedes pnVarCensor API - maintained for backwards compatability)

  • Admin - added ability to split modules into categories, the categories view are skinable via a single stylesheet

  • Credits - support for multiple module contacts via comma seperated values in pnversion.php