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Call for articles for pnLanguages

Contributed by on Sep 22, 2005 - 10:05 AM

We need to hear your thoughts about the PostNuke language system, the organization of pnLanguages and just about any other PostNuke-related topic you like.

If English is not your mother tongue and if your English isn't perfect, it's not necessarily a problem. That can be corrected. If an article is in another language but is of particular merit, it may also be possible to have it translated into English. All submissions must be your own work.

After some appropriate editing, if they make useful food for debate, they can be published in the pnLanguages news section. And maybe on pnNews, too, although your article will then be examined and considered by PostNuke's other team members with editor permissions. At pnLanguages, you chiefly only have to deal with me. :) And I'm a nice guy, I promise you. :)

When I talk about "editing", I mean I'll correct grammar and spelling, but I'll also read your articles, and -- where I see a need -- feed back thoughts and questions for you to further polish your content. My main criterion is whether there is some logical validity or standpoint for what's being said.

You'll get full credit for your articles, and the editing process will be a two-way interaction. The final draft will only be submitted for publication with your complete approval.

Don't worry, I'm a free-thinking, cooperative, open-minded person, and I believe that putting contrasting opinions face to face is a great way of opening-up constructive debate. I'm not talking about trying to direct your thoughts, just possibly inviting you to express them and form them more fully, if such seems to be needed. Even if those ideas don't match my own. You can trust me to be objective and detached. My main criterion is whether there is some logical validity or standpoint for what's being said.

Most important, though, is to be courteous and measured in what you say. No "personal attacks". :) And if you talk about a "problem or issue", then try suggesting some "solutions and answers". Constructive criticism is a healthy thing.

Got something to say? OK, organize your thoughts and put it down in writing! Let's all read it!

For a good model of what I feel is a well-constructed article, take a look at Olaf Fichtner's contribution about the PostNuke language system on pnNews (Olaf's article can be seen here). I'm firmly hoping that Olaf is going to be following-up on that paper. But we need to see others from other people, too.

Really hoping to hear back from you. :)

David at PostNuke dot com :)