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PostNuke 0.761 Released

Contributed by If you are already r on Sep 28, 2005 - 02:29 AM

Also included is a new quick upgrade script, simplifying the upgrade process. If you are still to upgrade to 0.76x, please read manual.txt
for updated instructions on using the new upgrade.php. It is vital that anyone upgrading a PostNuke install reads this manual, as this upgrade
is unusually complex.

Finally, pn_bbcode and pn_bbsmilie have been updated to include display hooks. To use this functionality, simply add the following to pnRender templates:



or, depending on module used:




Both a changed files package between 0.760 and .761 and a full distribution is available. Should you have already upgraded to .760, use
the changed files package. Otherwise, download the full distribution.

Download 0.761 Full Distribution (ZIP)

Download 0.761 Full Distribution (TAR.GZ)

Download 0.761 Patch (ZIP)

Download 0.761 Patch (TAR.GZ)

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MD5 c4090097b26caa38115540e24378e9b4

PostNuke-0.761.tar.gz 4b76e09c507db0224d34fc448e7efb91 fbdcc4c21813ee2ec04161b76c6a9b61

PostNuke-0.761_patch.tar.gz eeb77338a3b5698b38f23c1e11bebfa2


PostNuke-0.761_patch.tar.gz 8a5605399ccc9576abcbc44751312657fe40a22b 0553f6b80c638c5cef4306d886361dcb1773ab4a

PostNuke-0.761.tar.gz b69d9bfabb5c8641e4b5dd9e9ee6f5803d86c41d 79869b9a7003ac9046788cebad23135f68eef648

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