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PostNuke .762 Released

Contributed by on Feb 17, 2006 - 10:26 PM

Addition of SafeHTML Class

To better protect PostNuke websites against the risk of Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks, the SafeHTML class has been included in this version. This class offers greater protection against many forms of XSS, over and above that provided in previous versions.

Languages module

The Languages module is obsolete and has been removed from the distribution. The pndefinemachine module does the same work better.
Due to security problems you are also encouraged to remove this from the server after the update!
The options that have been provided by the Languages module are now part of the Settings module.


As before, both a full and patch download are available. Download the full distribution if you are installing a new site or upgrading from .760 or earlier. Users currently running a .761 site can download the patch release which contains changed files between .761 and .762 only. Upgrading with the patch version is simple, just replace the files, users upgrading with the full distribution should follow the instructions in docs/manual.txt.

Download 0.762 Full Distribution (ZIP)

Download 0.762 Full Distribution (TAR.GZ)

Download 0.762 Patch (ZIP)

Download 0.762 Patch (TAR.GZ)

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PostNuke-0.762_patch.tar.gz - f4b36bc3ca9123464ec7bde05233dfe7 - c6646f69f91841f0745064048922fde4

PostNuke-0.762.tar.gz - ea25bb933c4a99b30854815215dcdbb6 - 0e20db2ad3230c447747ec68540e8fb1


PostNuke-0.762_patch.tar.gz - 280b8cb4ff595fc556f137b5f7447f63c82b1b23 - faa09a73e0f1dd82c73a9a53d5f69cef15d086fb

PostNuke-0.762.tar.gz - 59d3ba5ce3a91e67924ad6e3a8df643694849739 - 43f400b78adbad66cc0965b0322eeca9230d13bd

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Simon Birtwistle [HammerHead]

PostNuke CMS Development Team