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News Milestone 1 Release

Contributed by on Apr 13, 2006 - 10:00 PM

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MD5: cef2b3187327963d15d723a93c47b982

SHA-1: bc0847001c90a7821463750e23c646580574460f


MD5: 3988d58e71fdf091b04b46793a06566c

SHA-1: 3af10fdbf986a50c50f0fd66d35a353a76fad54b

Third party module support in .8-MS1

Due to changes in the blocks module table structure for .8, Autotheme will no longer work with this release. Until Autotheme is updated, site administrators can use the Extralite theme in CVS, or any of the new themes with the included theme module.

Additionally, modules from elfisk require the legacy Topics module to be installed to satisfy a dependency introduced in the .7x series of PostNuke. The Topics module is depreciated in favour of the Categories module, however in the interests of keeping .7x modules compatible with .8-MS1 the Topics module can be downloaded seperately.

There are also other problems with non-API compliant modules that access PostNuke tables directly due to the substantial database changes in this release.