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New Website Goes Live!

Contributed by on May 02, 2006 - 04:06 AM

The old multisite subdomain structure was long overdue a replacement. After a long review and design process, we feel that addresses many of the established flaws in the old sites. We now have a full extensions database, where modules, blocks, themes and plugins can be listed in an easily searchable format. Each item should now only have one listing, whereas before there were often large numbers of articles to search through.

We've also moved one step closer to improving the documentation available for PostNuke. Any member of can now contribute to our documentation, and we would encourage you to do so. Through working together we aim to drastically improve the availablity of documentation for both users and developers.

Our forum support module has switched from PNphpBB to pnForum. This decision was taken for a number of reasons, mainly as the API compliant pnForum offers an easier platform for support through hooks. Common problem phrases in posts can now be autolinked to useful knowledgebase tutorials and wiki pages. Please note that the forum structure has been rearranged as a result of this move, and ensure that you are posting in the correct forum for your problem.

Finally, we think the new site offers improved navigation, content and functionality. We've tested fairly well, but if you do find any bugs in the new setup please post them in the forums.

Simon Birtwistle
PostNuke Steering Committee