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Development status : Downloads 2.0

Contributed by on Aug 01, 2006 - 04:12 PM

Because of the module does extensively use functions of the PostNuke API, you need at least PostNuke Version 0.762! With older version of PostNuke the module will not work! Questions whether or how it is possible to get the module work with older Version are not answered!

To use all functions provided by the module you need at least these two Hooks:

  • Ratings Hook

  • EZComments.

Of course I do not want to keep from you the feature list:

  • PostNuke API complaint module

  • Complete output via pnRender (XHTML)

  • New database structure

  • Completely revised Admininterface

  • Hook support

  • More than two subcategories possible

  • Improved Upload function for files

  • Improved security for the download area (Captcha Support / switchable)

  • Works with Save Mode On

  • Support of the gd library for the Thumbnail creation

  • Additional sort of categories possible

  • Comfortable function to edit files

  • Possibility to deactivate certain downloads

  • Interactive Upgrade of downloads 1.31

  • The Module provides system information for a better configuration

  • and all what I has forgotten.

For the users of Updownload or CmodsDownloads here are some useful information.

The module comes with an update script for both modules. This script will work only with the latest version!

A condition for an Upgrade are the following versions:

  • Updownload 2.3

  • CmodsDownload 1.9.6

Here are some things which are not possible:

  • old comments cannot be taken over

  • old ratings cannot be taken over.

Here is a demo link to the module:

Demo Downloads 2.0