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News from the Core

Contributed by For more information on Aug 17, 2006 - 03:38 AM

As Robert Gasch said at the PostNuke Meeting in Stuttgart: PostNuke 0.8 is closer than ever and much has been done since the last Meeting in 2005.

Only the release of PostNuke 0.8 Milestone 1 was visible to the community - what you didn't see:

  • In one year the core team's mailing list counted 3500 mails

  • In the same time 5400 commits were made to the CVS and SVN - remember 1 commit is not always only 1 file!

If you followed the commits during the last few weeks you might have seen that the changes have become less and less essential. There are many changes that only affect templates and non-core modules.

Andreas Krapohl (larsneo) has enhanced the System Info module, originally committed to SVN by Simon some months ago. You can find out what changes Andreas made in the developers blog: Extended SysInfo in .8

The new categories module has been finished and it has become pretty cool: Every module can now have recursive categories without having to code a module specific solution.

The successor to Xanthia is virtually complete. It will be called "Themes" and Mark West has nearly 40 open source templates converted to the new system that have allowed him to test out theme implementation. The only thing remaining is to work out how to handle the legacy opentable and closetable functions. Creation of a basic theme from the admin panel is now possible (with correct file system permissions) and there are a few pre-done layouts available.

Postnuke 0.8 will be able to run on not only MySQL but also Postgres and Oracle as Frank Schummertz is currently checking out the Oracle compatibility. And Mark West is currently reviewing the feature requests looking to cover any feature requests that impact on the system db tables.

So you see, it's all cleaning up for .8 Milestone 2