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PostNuke .8 MS2 Release Estimate

Contributed by on Aug 22, 2006 - 09:41 PM

Many improvements have been made to the core since MS1 was released. Now the categories code is finished, the News module in the Value Addons section of SVN provides a functional implementation of categories to replace the dual system of topics and categories in use in the Phoenix series. Additionally, for module authors wishing to use the categories system in their own modules (and this is highly recommended), the Quotes module can also be used as example material. Further enahancements to the news module include an Ajax editing interface, but I will leave it to our new team member Arjen to go into more detail here.

So, to the title of the article. We estimate that 0.800 MS2 will be released sometime during the week beginning 4th September. At this point, the core database structure will be finalized and we can begin to finish work on cross database compatibility. That, and the completion of all modules, will be the aim of 0.800 MS3, with the first RC soon after.

Please feel free to test MS2 in development environments once it is released, but we must stress again that 0.800 code should not be used on a live site. No upgrade path will be available from .7x to 0.800 until RC1 is released.